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Emergency Medical
Travel Insurance
For Canadian Travelers

Emergency medical care if sick or
injured away from Canada

Single trip medical insurance
Annual - multi-trip medical insurance
Blended medical insurance

All Inclusive Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance
For Canadian Travelers

Complete Travel Insurance Package

Medical insurance
Trip cancellation insurance
Baggage insurance
Travel accident insurance

Trip Cancellation
For Canadian Travelers!

Reimburses your lost trip costs

Canceled Flight
Business Emergency

Expatriate Health
For Canadian Travelers!

Long term travel health insurance

Canadians outside Canada without
Provincial Health Insurance

Return to Canada wait for Provincial
Health Insurance

Visitors Medical Insurance
Visitors coming
to Canada!

Medical & hospital care if sick or
injured while visiting Canada.

Tourists visiting Canada
Immigrants waiting for Provincial
Health Insurance
Foreign workers on work visa

International Students
Students coming
to Canada!

Long term medical insurance plans for
international students studying in
Canada who require private medical

Available as complete health
insurance or only emergency medical

Canadian Travelers:
Emergency Medical
Trip Cancellation
Expatriate Health
Visitors to Canada:
Visitors Medical
International Students

Seniors Medical Insurance

Canadian seniors planning to travel south this winter are encountering numerous challenges. The Canadian dollar has plummeted 10% recently which makes traveling to the USA more expensive this year. The global economy continues to cause financial uncertainty. Unrest on the USA/Mexican border is making the border regions unsafe. We feel this is a good opportunity to revisit some good ways to ensure our senior travellers have adequate medical insurance coverage for this travel season.

Pre-existing Conditions

Will I be covered for my pre-existing medical condition? This is the most asked question from our traveling senior customers. Seniors should carefully understand how pre-existing condition exclusion clauses work and how they apply to their in their travel insurance plan. more


Already covered by a multi-trip annual plan but planning a trip longer than the maximum number of coverage days allowed? Then you can use our quote system to get rates on top-up coverage that will cover the days that your multi-trip plan will not cover. more

Single Trip, Multi-trip, Annual, Blended Medical Insurance

In most cases, purchasing single trip coverage is the least expensive option but not always! If you are a Canadian snowbird who takes several more shorter trips through the remainder of the year it may be more economical to combine (or blend) a multi-trip plan plus extra top-up days to cover your long snowbird trip. Then once you return your annual plan will continue to cover you through the remainder of the year. more

Medical Underwriting

In most cases, our powerful travel medical insurance quote system will find coverage for senior customers with pre-existing medical conditions. If you do no qualify for one of the plans available from our quote system then you may still be able to obtain coverage by completing a medical underwriting application. On request we can supply you the necessary applications. more


What happens if you decide to stay longer then expected? If you have not had a claim then most companies will extend your trip. Although some companies may not extend beyond a maximum trip length (normally 6 months). If you are delayed due to weather or transportation delays most medical insurance policies have an automatic grace period from 42-72 hours. Please check the policy booklets for more details.


If you purchase medical travel insurance and your trip gets cancelled prior to departure then you can apply for a refund of the premiums paid. There may be a nominal administrative fee applied to refunds. Please check you policy booklet for details.