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Travel Insurance for Canadians traveling outside of Canada

Why do I need travel insurance?

When you leave your home province for vacation, business, or study you are exposed to financial risk. You could suffer a financial loss from unexpected medical expenses, lost or stolen baggage, weather related delays or cancellation among others.

Travel insurance is designed to protect you from these common financial risks. You can leave on your travels with the piece of mind that you will be covered when the unexpected happens.

Types of Travel Insurance coverage available for Canadian travelers

Emergency Medical Insurance

Emergency Medical Insurance reimburses Canadian residents for emergency medical expenses incurred while traveling or living in a outside their home province. Travel medical insurance is a relatively cheap way to provide peace of mind while away from home. To be eligible, you must be a resident of Canada and covered by a Provincial Government Health Insurance Plan for the entire duration of your trip. Travel medical insurance plans also provide some additional coverages which Government Health Plans do not. These include:

  1. dental accident
  2. emergency medical evacuation
  3. family visitation
  4. accidental death and dismemberment
  5. repatriation of remains

Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan is ideal if you take more than one holiday in a year, it is a cost effective and convenient way to protect you on your travels. You can take as many trips as you want during the twelve month coverage period.

Trip Cancellation & All-Inclusive

Besides the standard travel medical insurance, you might want to consider adding trip cancellation protection. Trip cancellation insurance will reimburse you should you trip be interrupted due to unexpected and unusual events that would force you to cancel your trip. Nowadays travel suppliers such as airlines and tour operators worldwide have made tightened up cancellation policies to make them more restrictive, it's likely that a substantial portion of your pre-paid travel expenses will not be refunded.

You may also want to consider purchasing baggage insurance. Occasionally, your baggage or personal effect can be lost through theft or just plain loss by a transportation carrier. Although you may suffer the disappointment, proper insurance can allow us to recover our financial loss.

Buying Travel Insurance is Easy online: Quote -> Compare -> Purchase

Don't Wait! Get a Quotation online now and have yourself and your family insured for your vacation. The cheapest premium might not always be the best for you, factors like the coverage limit, exclusion, pre-existing condition and deductible should also be taken into consideration when buying the travel medical insurance. Use our travel insurance quotation search engine to compare your quote on each plan, purchase the best suitable package for yourself and enjoy worry free vacation with you back covered.

Before purchasing any travel insurance product, it's recommended that you read every word of the policy; you should fully understand the insurance coverage being offered. If you have any questions regarding the policy or application, please call our toll-free telephone line 1-800-270-8058.