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Medical Insurance for International Students

international student medical insurance

Get Medical Insurance To Pay Doctor And Hospital Bills While Studying in Canada

Each new school year we focus our attention on helping students prepare for the upcoming school year. Students studying outside their home country may be required to purchase private health insurance to cover their medical costs while away at school.

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Sorting through the various medical insurance plans from various insurance companies can become overwhelming. Our guide is designed to provide some basic insight to the available student health insurance plans for international students who are studying inside Canada.

Beware, Hospital Costs are Very High In Canada

If you are planning to come to Canada to study, you need to be aware of the need for private medical insurance. Many provinces do not allow international students to be covered by the provincial health insurance plan. Even the provinces that do provide coverage may require you to wait three months before the provincial health insurance plan will take effect.

Focus On You Studies Without Worrying About The High Cost Of Doctors Visits

During the period of time while you are in Canada without medical insurance you will need purchase private health insurance. has developed a quote system to help international students compare available insurance plans and rates. Once you have determined that you need to purchase a private health or medical insurance plan please visit our international student quotation system here;

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For both Canadian Students outside Canada and International Students studying in Canada we urge you to read the policy booklets closely to understand the extent and limitations of your coverage. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email us or contact us at 1 800 270 8058.