Travel Insurance Quotes Introduces Guaranteed Issue Travel Medical Insurance System For Canadian Seniors is the only Canadian travel insurance website offering Snowbirds and Canadian Seniors guaranteed medical insurance while traveling out of Canada., Canada’s leading online travel insurance provider, launch new quotation module to its Travel Insurance Quotes System (“TIQS 2.4”). TIQS 2.4 now offers Snowbirds and senior Canadian travelers comparative quotations of Canadian medical insurance that does not require completing a medical questionnaire. Now all Canadian seniors, in spite of age or medical condition, can purchase medical insurance for trips out of Canada.

Many of the Canadian travel medical insurance companies now offer seniors medical insurance without answering a medical questionnaire. has designed a quotation system that allows the seniors to input their ages and trip length and return a report of medical insurance plans that are guaranteed issue travel insurance plans. The applicable pre-existing condition clauses are clearly displayed for easy comparison.

“Many Canadian seniors with pre-existing medical conditions feel as though they do not qualify for travel insurance. Our purpose in developing the guaranteed issue travel medical insurance system is to demonstrate that medical insurance is available for everybody.” Says Ron Froh, President of “Our system will allow seniors to compare plans by price, availability and, most importantly, applicable pre-existing condition clauses. Seniors can determine if the guaranteed issue plans right for their travel plans.

“These plans are more favorable for seniors who have pre-existing condition and plan to travel for a short trip less than 35 days. Not only do they get better rate, but also better pre-existing condition terms, and in some cases “No pre-existing exclusion” at all.” adds Dominic, COO of Online Insurance Solutions Inc.

Senior Canadian travelers are welcome to use the improved travel medical insurance system at