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Pre-existing Conditions Coverage - Canadian Senior Medical Travel Insurance

pre-existing medical conditions

The most important consideration for Canadian Seniors when purchasing emergency medical travel insurance is whether they can get pre-existing medical conditions covered when traveling outside Canada. Determining whether your pre-existing medical conditions are covered can be confusing. has prepared a guide to explain how the pre-existing condition exclusion clauses may apply to your medical travel insurance coverage.

Step 1- Determine if you are required to answer a medical questionnaire for your trip.

Each travel insurance company has different criteria to determine whether a medical questionnaire is required prior to issuing a emergency medical travel insurance policy to the applicant. When you request a quotation from you may see a blue button next to a greyed out premium on the report page.

medical questionnaire required

Step 2 - Answer the Medical Questionnaires Online To Determine Rate Category

If this is the case you will need to answer the medical questionnaire by clicking the blue button that says Medical Questions. The required medical questions will popup. Once you answer all the required medical questions and click submit answers you will notice the report has changed. You will see that a rate category has been assigned. Also, the premium is now clear and a green Buy Online button has replaced the blue medical button.

medical questionnaire completed

Each company that is listed in the report may require you to answer their medical questionnaire. So you may need to repeat this step for each company to determine which plan is best for your planned trip. Age, trip length, medical history, and deductible are all factors that determine the final premium.

Step 3 - Viewing and Understanding the Pre-existing Condition Exclusion Clause

Once you see the green Buy Online button then you qualify for insurance from this travel medical insurance company. The pre-existing condition exclusion clause is displayed once you click Buy Online. You will need to agree that you have read, understand and agree to the terms of this pre-existing condition exclusion clause prior to continuing on and completing the online purchase application form.

pre-existing condition clause

The pre-existing condition clauses can be confusing as these clauses are excerpts from the legal contract that form the emergency medical travel insurance policy. If you have any questions you can always call us toll free during business hours.