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Travel while you are pregnant

If you are pregnant, it is important to check with your doctor for advice on traveling. However, finding insurance can be a problem, since travel insurance companies see pregnant travelers as high risk group. Most travel insurance providers will insure up to 9 weeks before expected date of delivery , beyond this, it becomes more difficult. Therefore it is important to look at the insurance policy fine prints to understand what is not covered in their exclusions.

Lets look at how Canadian travel insurance companies have their exclusions on pregnancy.


Your routine pre-natal care, your pregnancy or childbirth, complications of your pregnancy or childbirth when they happen in the nine (9) weeks before or after the expected date of delivery.

Travel Underwriters

Pregnancy, routine pre-natal care, a child born during your trip, childbirth or complications thereof occurring within the nine weeks immediately before or after the expected date of delivery.


Treatment or hospitalization of mother or child(ren) as a result of pregnancy, miscarriage, childbirth or complications of any of these conditions occurring in the nine weeks before and/or after the expected delivery date.

TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators

Routine or elective treatment for pregnancy within the first 32 weeks of the pregnancy.

Pregnancy within 8 weeks of the expected delivery date.

Travel Guard

Routine or elective treatment for pregnancy within the first 31 weeks of pregnancy; abortion; childbirth or complications of childbirth; pregnancy or complications thereof within the 9 weeks before or anytime after the expected date of delivery; or expenses

incurred by an infant less than 15 days old; or a medical condition arising from or related to a congenital birth defect.


(a) Normal pregnancy; (b) normal childbirth; or (c) any complication, condition or symptom of pregnancy occurring within the last 9 weeks before the expected delivery date. Any child born during a trip or the period of coverage.