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News Release Releases Canada’s Most Advanced Travel Insurance Quotation System TIQS2.0

OIQ Insurance Solutions Inc. raised the bar today for online travel insurance shopping by announcing the release of their new real time Travel Insurance Quotes System TIQS 2.0 at their travel insurance site, introduced the new travel insurance quotation system TIQS2.0 with a one-stop service providing Canadian travelers across the nation ease of shopping more than 50 travel competitive insurance plans online.

TIQS 2.0 expects to reduce the number of researching hours by an average of 70% for senior Canadian travelers. With TIQS2.0, users can now spend less than 10 minutes to find the insurance policy that fit their requirements and budgets and finish his purchase online.

“OIQ has once again redefined the travel insurance market to address Canadian Snowbirds needs and increase the efficiency of travel insurance policy research,” said Ron Froh, CEO of OIQ Insurance Solutions Inc.

“After thorough research and development in early 2007, we were obligated to redefine online travel insurance research and purchase. Our product team were tasked to develop a comparative quote engine that is easy to use, time saving, accurate, and intuitive, much more than just a list of travel insurance plans,” Ron continued.

TIQS2.0 is the only online quote engine in the market that offers online medical questionnaires for each travel insurance company via a single integrated report console. The system relies on a multi-layer information architecture based on php, ajax and javascript technology, therefore it is highly portable.

“We believe no other site out there matches TIQS2.0 comparative engine!” commented by Dominic Chan, COO of OIQ Insurance Solutions Inc. “After deploying the alpha version of TIQS 2.0 to a focus group, the group were very impressed with how the report is presented and how all the added features greatly simplifies the purchase process,”